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Play as 8A-Terry, a small robot on a mission: Bringing batteries to his significant other. However, you also need the batteries' energy to get to her! How much energy will you sacrifice in order to reach her in time?

Basic Controls:

Left/Right Arrows - Move

Up Arrow/Space - Jump

Down Arrow - Crouch

C and V - Upgrades


Dash (Costs 5 energy): Quickly dash forward a short distance. You are invincible during the dash.

Burn (Costs 10 energy): Burn flammable objects. 

Climb (Costs 15 energy): Activate Climb to be able to climb up walls for 2 seconds. Simply run to a wall after activation to start climbing!

Double Jump (Costs 5 energy):  Activate Double Jump whilst mid-air to perform a second jump to go further and higher!

Be mindful when getting new abilities, as grabbing a new one means sacrificing another!

Game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 43.

Game/Level Design:

Adrien "Snow"

Gianada Simon - TouffeMystère | simongianada.wixsite.com/portfolio

Godivier Aymeric - Hirowix333  | https://www.aymeric-godivier.com/

Zanettacci Pierre - Hurley | pierre.zanettacci@hotmail.fr


Desages Nathan - Raitozan | https://github.com/Raitozan


Alex - Alexzen | http://alessandrofama.de/

Ekman Ezra - FumbledAgain |  http://www.rockstarux.com/


Ekman Ezra - FumbledAgain | http://www.rockstarux.com/

Gianada Simon - TouffeMystère | simongianada.wixsite.com/portfolio

Thank you for playing!


The Cost of Living.zip 35 MB

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